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TV Spot for “Qin”

15 March 2013

An atmospheric TV spot and e-board clips promote the exhibition “Qin – The eternal emperor and his terracotta warriors”. These are part of the marketing and communication campaign SNK created for UBS, sponsor of this cultural event.

The TV spot presents the mysterious aura of the Chinese terracotta warriors, which are the main attraction of the exhibition “Qin” at the Bernisches Historisches Museum (March 15 – November 17, 2013).



At the archaeological site in Xian, the expressive, individually created faces of the terracotta warriors can often only be viewed through binoculars. But in Bern, they can be seen face to face. The TV spot conveys this special proximity to the figures through skillful dramaturgy. The camera slowly scans the back of one figure, which at the end of the spot suddenly turns, revealing a close up view of the face – exciting scenes for a fascinating exhibition with original objects from the tomb in Xian, often described as the 8th Wonder of the World.